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Mountain Pengsong

The mountain is in the west of the village Kuripan, Parampuan in West Lombok.

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Is in the amount of ca.149 meters to climb and about 236 steps, Mount Pengsong is popular to travel and it is quite different in Lombok. It offers a fine view to the mountains in this region, the mountain Agung and the Rinjani.

Its uniqueness was in this mountain that there live many monkeys in freedom and lives on the summit of Mount Pengsong there is a large temple, which is used by Hindus for worship and ceremonies and other important ceremonies, such as Hari Rayapujawali, a Ceremony with offerings of a cow you can find someplace in December each year.

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According Jero Mangku Semadiyatna (holy person in Pengsong area) Temple Mount is the oldest temple in Lombok, who around the year 1514 by Ida Wayan Netara Sebali (Pendita / pedende /holy man) Hindu, Karang Asem - was founded in Bali.

Origin of the name of Mount Pengsong
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The name is taken from the abbreviation of mountain Pengsong:perforated kepeng song or money This is money that is used as a medium of exchange in the Japanese colonial period.

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Previously on the mountain in a lot of money was found perforated (kepeng song) until now known as Mount Pengsong or Pengsong.