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Indonesia married Lombok On Sasak Weddings means: Merarik (kidnapping the bride)

The part of the Tradition is the groom's should be kidnap bride.

The best time to marry for the Sasak people is around the Idul Adha / Feast of the Sacrifice for the Muslims.

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Marriages in Lombok have 2 ways:

1. Nyongkolan : means : the groom's ask the Bride family to marry her
2. Merarik or eloped: means if the Parents from her not agree or the negotiated within families about the mounts of dowry is too high, etc.

There is the possibility kidnap of bride; this tradition is today still valid.

The system of Merarik or robbery bride is:
First, they are arranging the place to meet each other.
Every Year in Lombok after praying of Idul Adha all the people go to the grave or go to the beach for relaxing, picnic with Family or they friends, in this time will be the women kidnapped, without her parents knew before.

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Notified after 24 hours (1 day), the man should the woman's family let them know that he wants to marry her daughter? The 24 hours have passed only once, the daughter of the family has little opportunity to prevent the marriage.

Dowry of Sasak: Sajikrama.

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