pelecing Kangkung lombok
Pelecing Kangkung:

Is the local national dishes of Lombok.

Ayam Taliwang
Grilled chicken with Taliwang art (Ayam Bakar Taliwang)

The Court of Taliwang comes from the island of Sumbawa.

Ayam Taliwang is grilled chicken with hot spices, served with rice and fresh vegetables such as: cucumber, tomato, lettuce, and eggplant.

Beberuk Makan
Beberuk is a salad of various vegetables such as: eggplant, cucumber, long beans, which are chopped and diced.

Ingredients: chili, shrimp paste, tomatoes and salt ... allmashed and mixed with a little bit at the end of coconut oil.

sate Bulayak
Sate Bulayak is a traditional dishes of Narmada city, Lombok.

cocos sate sasak lombok
Ingredients: Goat meat skewers with spiced and served with Kokosmilch souce and Lontong (cooked rice wrapped in coconutleaves).

The standard drink to many courts are young coconuts.
The young coconut meat is yummy and the juice refreshs you.
Here a Video how a sasak people open a young coconut, just put in a drinking tube and a spoon, and your drink is ready.