West Nusa Tenggara (LOMBOK - SUMBAWA)


map Sumbawa and Lombok The island of Lombok is a only 20 minutes from Bali on MERPATI'S or TRANS NUSA daily flights and luxury high speed passenger ferry, the RED LINE; GILI CAT; ISLAND GATEWAY; BLUE WATTER EXPRESS are relaxing and enjoyable way.

Western most of the NUsa Tenggara chain, it is seperated from Bali by a deep and treacherous strait. This channel marks the historic ** WALLACE LINIE ** named after the famoues naturalist Sir Alferd Wallace who observed the differences in both flora and fauna which begin at Lombok and continue to the East - the thorny arid plants, cockatoos, parrots, giant lizards and marsupials typical of Australasia:

Sambi traditional sasak house in Lombok LOMBOK means "Chili peper" in Indonesian. Sorrounded by idyllic white-sand beaches, the island has a chain of vocanic mountains in the north. Mount Rinjani dominates the eintire island, rising to 3.726m frm a high plateu area. Placid Crater Lake " Segara Anak" has not springs on its shore.
In the South a fertile alluvial fan reflects the shape of the mountain, tapreing into the dry hills of the extreme south. The north is contrastingly fertile, similar to Bali, with rice, coffee and tabacco cultivation.

Lombok and Sumbawa are the largest in West Nusa Tenggara islands east of Bali, offer a charming veriety of landscapes, attractions and activities for the tourists.

Landschaft Berge Lombok At least five tropical islands (The expected Gili Trawangans, Gili Meno,Gili Air, Moyo Island) and coaslines with pristine beaches and beatiful waters for swimming, sailing, surfing, fisching and underwater activities a wait.

Lombok and Sumbawa have many areas of marine production such asa fish, shrimp, seewead and pearling. They are very famoues with homecrafts such as ceramics, pottery, songket and Weaving.

Especially in Lombok, the people are a mixture of Islamic Sasak and Hindu Balinese, living mainly in the East.

Moschee in Lombok In the 17th Century Lombok Sasak's threee main Sasak Kingdoms came into conflict with Sumbawa. In return for military aid from the King of Karangasem, Bali, they gave him power over the western part of the Island.
Many strong Balinese influnces from that period are still visible. The Muslim Buginese from Makassar, seafaring traes, was also firmly anchored along the coast, the convesion of many of the Sasak people to Islam.

Today, Lombok is a peaceful little island, affected by and by the peace of modern development and commercialization. People live in harmony with the surroundings and a warm welcome to visitors.