TARUNG PERESEAN (stick fight)

PERESEAN is the ceremony called of .ngayu-ngayu. or .Nede.the ceremony invoke the rain.

The ceremony is conducted the dry season. The leader of the ceremony is a spiritual figure in the Tradition Sasak tribe called "Mangku" do *Ruwatan* to cut sacrificial animals likes chicken, lamb or beef as symbolic offerings to the ruler of nature.

Peresean fight picture Participants in the ceremony invited to pray together begged the ruler of the rain, so that their farms successful. The ceremony followed by dining together at around the spring with dishesspecially arranged in a container named "Dulang Tinggang" These containers are made from slabs of wood that has a foot-shapedpillars. Inside the container are arranged in a neat kind of food side dishes and fruits.

The event toward on 17- August (Independence Day of Indonesia Nation).

PERESEAN sasak TARUNG The martial arts from Sasak people using a cane (sasak language : Penjalin) as a weapon and the rectangular shield made of deer skin or cow skin (Sasak language : Ende or Tameng) as a protector, which person the most frequently hit will be determined by the jury (pengembar).

Peresean or stick fight usually in areas that have such a large field like in the field of Central Lombok Pringgarata.

For the arena approximately 10 m2 or Common arena in the form of squares or rectangles, But more happen with limit the arena only marked by rows of spectators who came together.

Usually the fight carried out by at least three pairs of fighters, uniquely when one of the strokes of the cane fighter hit his head and bleeds section or leaking (Sasak said : Bocor), then the audience would shout "aiq, aiq, aiq ... .. ! "Which means" water, water, water ... ...! ". The cry is meaningful to the water immediately revealed by the Creator into the earth.