How to make TOFU

Tofu can be processed and made in 1 day.
at first White Soybean will be soaked in advance 1 night to make soft and can be quickly processed
After that steamed ca. 10 minutes then filtered and the water that has been cooked in salt mixed then placed in wooden molds lined with cheesecloth (fabric filter) and then cover tightly and chill untilhardened soybean water.

The cost of manufacturing around Rp. 60.000 rupies for 50 prints out.

tofu raw material
The raw tofu.

tofu cooking
Tofu is ready to cook.

tofu shaking
Tofu stir properly.

tofu heating
Cook tofu.

tofu fermentation
Here you can see the fermentation process for the production of tofu.

tofu pour out
The tofu is poured for molding into the patterns.

tofu pressure
The tofu is wrapped in a cloth for pressing in the press, this is now weighed down with stones (the big left panels).

tofu dry
The tofu is now dry.