sasak people lombok topat war Topat war is part of an ancient agrarian ritual.

Before the planting season and after harvesting, the community has organized any rituals to gratitude to God.

Hindu and Muslim villages every year to celebrate the colourful rituals in the temple Pura Lingsar the 15th day of the seventh month of the Sasak calendar, (around about on December).

lombok topat war rice bags sasak The temple is situated in the village Lingsar, Narmada District - West Lombok, about 9 km from the city of Mataram. In the temple Lingsar there were two temples which stood side by side, only a small garden (Sasak: Jabe) separately, on one side are the temple of Bait Astro, which is built places of worship for Hindus, while on the other side of the Kemaliq. Kemaliq means "the sacred building which was built by some of the Sasak tribe." According to some sources have been told that the building was built for a long time before people have come from Bali to Lombok.

topat krieg victim gave fruit The Temple Lingsar was build up from 1714 to 1715, in the Time the King Anak Agung Gede Ngurah has ruled. He was a descendant from the kingdom of Karang Asem in Bali. He ruled also the western Part of Lombok.

With a procession around the supply of food, fruit and a variety of agricultural products begins Topat war. The procession was dominated by the Sasak community and several prominent Hindus in Lombok.

war drums sasak lombok topat war In The Tempel is now performed the two religions Hindu and Muslim. This is unique in the world. They do separated rituals each other, but in nearly the same place.

The word Topat came from "cooked rice in coconut leaves" - this are the "weapons" to fight in Topat War.

Gendang Beleq (Big Drum) dance is one of ritual dance for opening the ceremony, this one type of sasak Dance from Lombok.

Sasak girl Formally this dance used as to encourage the spirit of the kingdom troop go toward battle field or perform to welcome the troop returning from the battle of field. But now it is often used to welcome guests or the wedding party.

Topat war beginn on around 16:00pm afternoon and ended before dark (sunset).

In the Lombok Sasak Language Lingsa means "The place always giving Water". So the Name of the Temple Lingsar is from this word.

topar war weapons rice bag sasak lombok The rice after war (the Topat) is left of the debauchery was then taken and buried in fields and farms before the planting began.